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B-Watch Rewatch

Did you love watching "B" TV and movies growing up? Like, those epically underrated programs that came on at midnight on a Tuesday? Those programs that brought you so much joy, and captivated you, but for all the wrong reasons? Well, if you did then you've come to the right place, buster! We LOVE everything about them; The characters, the storylines, the plot twists - it's all so incredible! So come listen along with us as we hilariously retell in story form some of the greatest TV shows and movie gems of the past.

Grief Talks, Hope Answers

Join Dr. Melanie Beahm as she walks you through appropiate and functional methods for overcoming grief. There are 43 categories of grief, and Dr. Beahm is ready to lead you down the road to recovery.

Hollywood RX

Join hosts Dr. G and Dr. D as they analyze, diagnose -- and sometimes autopsy -- popular films of the day in a humorous and biting dissection of current film releases. They're determined to get to the bottom of what's wrong with movies and prescribe a treatment. Yes, Hollywood is sick, but don't worry...the doctors are in.

Bruh... It's a Podcast

Bruh.. it's a Podcast is a fun, comical, sometimes intense ride that will make you feel like you're sitting with us, at a barbeque, listening to lively, entertaining personalities speak freely about everything relevant to current society. Nothing is off limits; from relationships to world news. We'll get into everything, and say the things you think, but would never say. We will agree, we will disagree, we will go at it, but always remember: Bruh.. it’s a Podcast!

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